Now available in comic shops today, DEADPOOL #1 has returned and it is definitely a more serious approach to the character that tackles, of all things, parenthood. In a story written by the brilliant Cody Ziglar (Miles Morales: Spider-man), along with art by Rogê Antônio, this upcoming tale for this new launch of Deadpool dives deep into the family drama when a large doggie named Princess, who’s a large symbiote with Kyubi-like tendrils, tags along with Wade in his family misadventures. The series picking up in the story right where previous writer Alyssa Wong had left off in the series.

To add to this epic status of misbegotten father of the year type of adventures, in this upcoming adventure, Wade battles against a new archenemy named Death Grip as he inevitably reunites with Ellie, his other estranged daughter. So far, the series for DEADPOOL #1 is setting up to be a serious Papa Deadpool run. One that’s coinciding its release time with the upcoming Deadpool movie.

“Wade’s been one of my favorite characters since I first got into superhero comics, so being asked to helm a Deadpool series was a dream come true,” said Ziglar in a recent statement. “I look forward to diving into and exploring Wade’s family (found or otherwise), his unique approach to being a (mostly) unkillable mercenary, as well see what kind of whackos they bring into his orbit.”

Fans can get a fresh glimpse at the new series in an action-packed DEADPOOL #1 trailer which includes animated motion pages, but also, interior artwork and the cover of DEADPOOL #4. The current run will also most definitely run well right into the movie – so how they sort of reflect on one another will be interesting to see. 

Deadpool cover


Written by CODY ZIGLAR



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