Missed deadlines are to blame for the first three issues of DC’s WildCats being delayed, series artist Ramon Villalobos said this week on Twitter.

Newsarama broke the delay story, noting that retailers had been informed that WildCats #1 – #3 — which were to hit in August, September, and October — would not ship, and they would instead be solicited at a later date. Villalobos assured fans via Twitter that WildCats was indeed still coming, pointing to missed deadlines as the culprit for the delay.

In one of his July newsletters, series writer, Warren Ellis, noted that “there are two WILDCATS scripts and a complete detailed story document.” DC honcho Jim Lee, the original creator of the WildStorm Universe, also weighed in.

So, what have we learned here?

Basically, this is all a really fancy way to say that, no, we won’t be getting WildCats this month as originally promised, but the series is still coming. Which is all fine. The series is a sequel to Ellis’ recently-concluded 24-issue collaboration with Jon Davis-Hunt, The Wild Storm, and one of the hallmarks of that excellent comic was that it was a slow-burn that took skip months in order to stay true to its creative vision.

It’s a hard thing with monthly comics, to be sure, and yes it sucks that for the first time in a few years there’s no new WildStorm comic officially scheduled, but patience is clearly called for in this instance.


  1. Man, I’m ready for the next series. I’m still digging around in The Wild Storm and figuring things out, but I definitely want more of this trenchcoat version of formerly wide screen Image ideas.

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