In a message left on their Facebook page, The Dandy’s publishers DC Thomson have denied that the series is over for good – although confirm that the digital Dandy IS over for the time being. Stating problems with the technology used in the comics app, their press release states that they’re looking to get back to publishing Dandy storylines at some point in the future.


This follows the widespread report – I think led by me, actually – that the digital edition of the all-ages comic had ended with last week’s issue #13. Whilst this meant that no more Dandy comics were actually being produced anymore (aside from the yearly annual that comes out at Christmas), the company denies that the absence of Dandy comics either physically or digitally means that The Dandy is over.

Instead they say that they’re suspending the project for the time being whilst they look to rework the whole thing:

The Digital Dandy team has worked hard to produce an interactive and engaging App. While the digital comic has delivered its promised mixture of daft, dramatic and different stories, the technology and format have let us down.

For this reason, we’re suspending the existing App. Discussions and planning are already underway to re-examine The Dandy’s digital offerings. It is still too early to announce what form this next stage will take but we would like to reassure readers that The Dandy remains a very important part of the company’s plans for the future.

Hopefully this is the case, and The Dandy will continue on. As before, I’ll update as I get any more news on the project.


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