I will admit, this one is really cracking me up.  We’ve talked a bit on this site about how Amazon seems to *really* want to price the digital versions of brand new graphic novels and trade paperbacks for 99¢.  The retailers got justifiably angry about this back at C2E2 and Marvel appears to have gone to the trouble of changing how their digital comics are listed on Amazon so that they control the pricing themselves.  (So if you don’t like the new sales, I guess you can complain to Marvel.)

You do see the odd other title on sale for 99¢.  The first volume of Dan DiDio’s Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger was 99¢ a few weeks ago.  That’s hardly a new release, though.

On the other hand, when that sale was going on DC Superhero Girls: Out of the Bottle was on sale for 99¢ as a pre-order.  It didn’t last an entire day on sale and a retailer told me that DC had complained to Amazon about that – they didn’t authorize the sale and wanted it taken down.  Last week, it popped up again for 99¢ and once more didn’t stay up for a full day.

Guess what I’m seeing this morning?

That’s right, DC Superhero Girls: Out of the Bottle for 99¢.

We’ll see how long this sale price stays online.  I’m putting the over/under at 2pm ET/11amPT.

You can’t say Amazon hasn’t been persistent with this title…

(And if you’re wondering, Comixology has it listed for $4.99 – 50% off.)



It looks like the discount was pulled sometime between 12:20ET and 12:50ET.  It’s now $7.99 (20% discount) at BOTH Amazon and Comixology.

The saga continues…


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