DC Comics announced plans today to license and distribute collectibles based on the world’s greatest pop culture characters and stories under a new brand name, DC Unlimited. The first series of DC Unlimited products will be unveiled at New York’s American International Toy Fair, and will be distributed to all retail outlets, including mass market and specialty channels.


  1. I’m not much into the toy/merchandizing thing; in what way does this differ from DC Direct? It sounds like what they already do. Is it just a rebranding, or something different?

  2. I think this has popped up before, in a way…… DC has the toy license to Warcraft Online, I believe. They announced it in January. This must be the brand they plan on marketing it under.

    I wonder if we’ll see accompanying comics for any of the licenses they pick up? I suspect they’ll mostly be releasing action figures for stuff aimed at the same general market as DC Direct figures- older collectors, not so much kids [so probably stuff like Video Game, Anime and R-rated movie licenses]

  3. I betcha those WOW figures will outsell the DC Direct ones. The potential market for these figures will be huge! And there’s plenty of material to draw from for future figures. I wish everyone well in this new development!