Not much time to blog, alas. The crowds were as big as a Saturday, some said. Freebies were snatched up at an alarming rate, the most popular being an oversized cloth Smallville bag and a cardboard shield for 300.

The big evening event was a screening of some 20 minutes of BEOWULF, the Robert Zemeckis-directed 3d cgi mo-cap retelling of the classic legend. The script is by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary and the duo was on hand to introduce the clips and answer questions. We’ll have a fuller report on the footage after some sleep.

On a personal note, while wandering the vast hall, it dawned on us that Twittering comic-con is really the only way to cover it. Whenever we ran into someone we knew, the first words out of their mouth were usually “mobile” or “web” followed by “content.”


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