200609271105O.C.T.: OCCULT CRIMES TASKFORCE, the comic co-written by and starring Rosario Dawson about a supernatural crime solving NY cop and which everyone thought was a pilot for a movie will indeed be turned into a movie, Variety reports. And shockingly, it will star Rosario Dawson! :

Dimension is crafting the project as a star vehicle for Rosario Dawson. Thesp has headlined five recent films for the genre division, and she co-created and co-writes “O.C.T.,” whose protag is an animated version of her. Dawson will produce as well.
Thesp grew up in New York a comicbook geek, watching her uncle Gus Vasquez draw them for a living. Influenced by her experience making “Sin City” with co-director and famed graphic artist Frank Miller, Dawson got the idea of launching her own.

Everyone on the OCT team gets a credit: Vasquez gets associate producer credit on the film, co-creators Tony Shasteen and David Atchison get co-producer, and Ford Lytle Gilmore is exec-producer.

The success thus far of the O.C.T. gambit illustrates the current juice of comics in Hollywood: For a minimal investment, Dawson got to publicize a vehicle created just for her, and Dimension gets a property that already has built in “comic book” buzz. Indeed, our spies on the ground in Hollywood report that many minor thespians are looking to hitch their wagon to their very own comics properties.

200609271123Of course, not just any one can do it. Thomas Jane is another comic-loving celeb who has been using comics to launch his own movie properties. But both Jane and Dawson do have one thing going for them: they actually read and like comics, and have been accepted into the comics community– believe it or not — not just because they are glamourous movie stars. Certainly, Dawson’s goodwill tour of comics conventions this summer proved that she was a good sport and a real trouper in addition to being so beautiful that most people had to wear jaw slings when in her presence.

So all you Stephen Baldwin’s out there beware: just showing up at a few conventions for a few minutes will not be enough. You must grovel in the mire and the muck with us! Unless your name is Johnny Depp, of course. Then you can do whatever the hell you please.