Cover-LargeDavid Lapham (STRAY BULLETS, YOUNG LIARS) joins the ranks of the bloggerati:

One of the main reasons I decided to start a blog was to refute some of the rumors swirling around certain circles about myself and what happened before. By that I mean before I was a cartoonist, before I was married, before I had two beautiful daughters. Before all that I lived a life of dreams and nightmares. I traveled all over during my competitive playing days and once saw a man disemboweled in an alley in Vienna. I saw my best friend have his head split open, climbed to the summit of Mt. McForester, and lied to save myself from frostbite. I have on numerous occasions worn disguises for personal gain. I ran for my life so fast my flesh was ripped from my body. I met a hobo, mugged a mugger, and held a gun in my hand with the power to do the most monstrous things. I have learned from all this that the truth will not set you free. The truth will usually get you slapped, punched, chased, beaten, kicked, stabbed, and or murdered or hobbled, and I choose not to practice it whenever possible. The next “Early Life” post will be a proper beginning as I tell you about something horrible that happened when I was six that changed my life forever and just might change yours.


  1. Holy crap! I always wondered how he wrote such good comics! Thanks for pointing this out. Though how can he refute rumors when he says he practices not telling the truth whenever possible?