Arnold Fenner writes to tell us that Spectrum Fantastic Art has posted several audio excerpts from interviews with the late Dave Stevens as well as a slideshow of advance pages from Brush with Passion: The Art & Life of Dave Stevens, which should be out early next month.

We’ll be getting a copy.


  1. I can’t wait to see what this looks like. Dave Stevens Rocketeer work is absolutely beautiful. His pen and brush work are so clean. If nothing else this book should at least be a collection of beautiful artwork (and that is not to mention all the stories of the quality of his personality). Heidi, please share when you get previews of this book.

  2. I will be getting 3 or 4 copies. One for me, the others as presents. A classy, sweet guy, stunningly talented artist & a definite loss in the arts community. Thanks for the heads-up about the book.

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