Dark Horse has joined the stampede of publishers who are trying various ways to get their comics distributed onto iPhones and other mobile devices. To do it, they’re launching an app for TERMINATOR: DEATH VALLEY from 1998. You can read the full PR below the fold, but CBR has an interview with DH’s Mike Richardson on the initiative:

The publisher gave no hints as to what Dark Horse comics would follow “Terminator: Death Valley” onto the iPhone, but upcoming titles will be selected by Richardson in coordination with designers, editors, and series artists to determine suitability for the format. “We’re going to be very ambitious,” Richardson said. “We’ve always tried to be the best at everything we do, and this will be no different. It’s one of the reasons we’ve held back up to this point, because we’ve wanted to make sure we can do a great job in presenting the material, and we also wanted to make sure the delivery systems were able to deliver the material in the way that we wanted it ourselves.”

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Dark Horse Comics, the third-largest American comics publisher, makes the leap into the digital world of mobile content today with the launch of a new app for the iPhone. With the release of the upcoming Terminator Salvation film in mind, Dark Horse has chosen a classic The Terminator story from its vast publishing archives to launch this program.

Following in its rich tradition of innovation, Dark Horse turned down multiple offers from various media developers, and instead opted to develop an application in-house. The result is a reading experience that Dark Horse feels best utilizes the mobile platform and delivers the same standard of quality fans have come to expect from the industry leader.

President Mike Richardson explained “Dark Horse has always attempted to work with great creators in order to create great stories. Over the years, we have been successful in taking those stories into other media. We have always been on the cutting edge of technology, and our new iPhone application allows us to reach a whole new generation of readers. We have always felt that it is important to provide our readers with the best reading and viewing experience possible, and this new endeavor is no exception. People have come to expect nothing less from us, and we will do our best to deliver.”

Chief Information Officer Dale LaFountain commented, “We’re very excited about the Apple iPhone platform and enabling fans to enjoy Dark Horse Comics in digital form. This is an evolution for the comics industry and we look forward to bringing our tradition of innovation and creativity into this new medium.”

The Terminator: Death Valley, originally published in 1998, features a story by Alan Grant and art by Steve Pugh. All four issues are available for download now at http://www.darkhorse.com/Features/Mobile for $0.99 an issue.

The four-issue The Terminator series is the very first of what will soon be an ongoing program for the Dark Horse iPhone app. More titles from Dark Horse’s immense collection will be announced in the near future.