A video posted online features Daisy Ridley, who plays the heroic Rey in the most recent Star Wars trilogy, reading the storybook BB-8 on the Run.

The Tweet, which was posted on Friday, April 10th, includes video of Ridley reading the entire storybook, and concludes with a text quote thanking viewers for staying at home to help stymie the spread of COVID-19. The Tweet was posted on the official Star Wars Twitter account as well as through Disney’s Twitter account.

BB-8 on the Run is written by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Matt Myers, which was originally released in 2017. The story follows the adventures of intrepid astromech droid BB-8 as he navigates the desert planet of Jakku during the events of 2015’s Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. While some of the story will already be familiar to those who have seen the movie, the book also fills in a few of the blanks the movie leaves in the story of BB-8’s adventure.

There are several elements of BB-8 on the Run that make it an ideal story to read under the current circumstances. BB-8 finds himself shouldering more serious responsibilities than he expected, even though he doesn’t necessarily feel as though he’s prepared for such a burden. At one point, the droid must grapple with the fact that he faces additional challenges and difficulties in spite of the fact that he has made the “right” decisions, a conundrum with which many younger viewers may currently be struggling.

BB-8 on the Run.

As with any good storyteller at story time, Ridley not only reads the text of BB-8 on the Run, she also ensures that viewers get to see the illustrations, as well. And if you’re wondering whether or not she adds sound effects, the answer is a resounding yes!