Rebellion has announced a new five-volume definitive edition of Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill‘s classic 2000 AD saga Nemesis the Warlock, with the first volume to release December 5, 2023. The new edition promises to be a “comprehensive collection”, featuring the complete storyline of the series in chronological order alongside bonus material.

These special hardcover designs are exclusive to the 2000 AD webshop

Nemesis the Warlock is widely regarded as a highlight of the heyday of British weekly 2000 AD. Created by Pat Mills and the late Kevin O’Neill in 1980, the series featured a demonic-looking alien freedom fighter who leads a rebellion against a totalitarian, xenophobic human galactic empire led by the grotesquely evil fanatic Torquemada. It is a delicious strip that featured incredible art across its lifetime – which ran on and off until 1999 – with big names such as Bryan Talbot, John Hicklenton, David Roach and more taking the reigns from series co-creator O’Neill.

Nemesis’ archfoe Torquemada is probably one of the best villains of all time

Some might recall that another three-part special edition collection of the series was released not too long ago (entitled The Early Heresies, The Later Heresies and The Final Heresies), the last of which came out in early 2022. Unfortunately these were exclusive to the 2000 AD webshop, in limited quantity and are sadly already out of print. This new collection will be available for public consumption though – and will come in two varieties: wide-release paperback and glorious webshop-exclusive hardcovers with their own unique designs. Fittingly the new Nemesis the Warlock collection has been dubbed the “Unholy Collection”.

Nemesis the Warlock: Definitive Edition volume 1 – 2000 AD webshop exclusive hardcover (L) and wider retail release edition (R)

And Pat Mills approves, posting on social media: “Beautiful designed collection. My compliments to the designer @Rebellion @2000AD. You’ve captured the tone of the series perfectly!”


According to the PR, the first volume will come to 176 pages, measure 282 × 216mm and will include the earliest stories:

  • Terror Tube
  • Killer Watt
  • The Sword Sinister
  • The World of Termight (Nemesis, Book 1)
  • The Alien Alliance (Nemesis, Book 2)
  • The Secret Life of Blitzspear
  • A Day in the Death of Torquemada

The new edition will also come with “development sketches showing the evolution of the cloven-hoofed alien freedom fighter Nemesis and his living spaceship, the Blitzspear.”

If you don’t already own a copy of the saga – or enjoyed what you read in Best of 2000 AD Vol 2 – then do check it out. And remember:

Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave!