We can’t be the only people who detest the first week of Daylight Savings Time? Not for political reasons, but just because? Admittedly, the extra daylight is a boon, marking the end of the Seasonal Affective Disorder Season and the coming of Spring Coat Season and eventually Rooftop Sangria Season.

And what about that Corky? Will he be eaten by the giant monster octopus? A “thrilling 3-part novel”? Would that be what we now call a “graphic book”?



  1. It’s never too early, too wet, or too cold for Rooftop Sangria. Although, since I work in that particularly tall Manhattan building, sneaking one’s hip flask of sangria and bucket of ice onto the observation deck can be tricky. Or… I suppose maybe you weren’t actually referring to getting blasted at work? Neither was I. Of course I never do that and do not have an office fridge full of leftover “when the economy gives you lemons, make lemonade”-party hard lemonade.

    And I’m sure they only sussed out Corky because he didn’t wear the little puffy pantaloons.

  2. Has Alan Moore seen this comic? Disturbing similarities… cephalopods, time travel, ancient kings…

    For rooftop enjoyment, there is the Top of the Rock, which, while not having a bar, can be rented for swar-rays. The view includes the Empire State Building, and there’s a secondary observatory above the primary one which is more intimate and offers a true 360-degree unobstructed view. Also the tickets are timed, so one does not have to wait in long lines. I recommend thirty minutes before sunset. (Although, from a textbook example, the Empire State is A-Number-One. 18 months to build a skyscraper on a lot surrounded by other buildings!)

  3. I only mention it because I had to hear news reports on it every half hour yesterday, it is Daylight Saving Time. Not “savings.”

    And I can’t hear the name Corky without thinking of “Life Goes On,” which makes “Corky is an impostor,” that much more funny to me.