Speaking of Crumb, Jon B Cooke of COMIC BOOK ARTIST writes:


The next issue of COMIC BOOK ARTIST will be featuring a huge WEIRDO magazine
retrospect, complete with Crumb, Bagge and Aline interviews. I’m also looking
for the recollections and WEIRDO-related artifacts of those cartoonist
contributors to the legendary mag. Thing is, I can’t seem to locate a good
number of ’em, so I’m wondering if folks can help.

Listed below are those WEIRDO contributors I can’t find contact info for. If you
have any, could you please e-mail Jon B. Cooke at:

[email protected]

Also, if you’re a WEIRDO contributor who is not on the list but haven’t yet
heard from me, could you shoot me an e-mail?

I am also looking for any folks who have memories of Dori Seda, Terry Boyce and
Michael Dougan they would like to share, or anecdotes about WEIRDO editors R.
Crumb, Peter Bagge and Aline Kominsky-Crumb. And, of course, if you have any
particular insight about WEIRDO’s impact, feel free to drop me a line. (Oh, and
post this anywhere you think it might help!)

Butch Austin
Lynda Barry
Edmond Baudoin
Tom Bertino
Terry Boyce
Jocko Levant Brainiac
Billy Bunting
Stephen Calt
William Clark
David Collier
Michael Corcoran
C. Croce
Linda Crothers
Maxon Crumb
Don Donahue
Julie Doucet
Dennis P. Eichhorn
Macedonio Garcia
Garret Gaston
Dave Geary
Stan Goldstein
Eddie Gorodetsky
Arne Hultine
Jeff John
A. Johnson
Ashleigh Johnsyn
Ted Jouflas
Bob Kathman
Matt Konture
Kristine Kryttre
K. Lambert
Lisa Lee
J. Long
James MacArthur
Michael Macrone
Doris McClarty
M.A. McMillan
Christoph Menu
Cathy Millet
Penny Moran
Anthony Mostrom
Eddie Nukes
Raymond Pettibon
Alexander Ross
Joe Sacco
Savage Pencil
Alice Sebold
S. Sereda
Doug Skinner
Leslie Sternbergh
Brian Turner
Lynn Von Schlichting
Eugene Teal
Rick Trembles
Caroline Wedier
T.E. Zwigoff


  1. Comic Book Artist is coming back?!?

    Nice! I’ve been missing them for a long while. Will this be under TwoMorrows or Top Shelf?

  2. I thought I’d read somewhere that Jon Cooke was working again with TwoMorrows, so I wasn’t sure if that extended to Comic Book Artist or not. It’s been such a long time since the last issue…