Mage: The Hero Discovered Vol. 1Those of you who partake in digital comics might want to do yourself a favor and have a peek at the Comixology Sales page.  They’ve got a better than average selection of interesting stuff up right now in the digital discount bin.  (And if you prefer your comics in print, the recommendations still stand).

The Mage sale ends today.  The third series has just started from Image and since there so many years have passed since the second series (and so many years between the first and second series), you might not be familiar with this classic contemporary fantasy series and twist on the Arthurian legends that started back during the first creator-owned boom.

Also ending today is the Powers sale.  Yes, I’m recommending some Bendis and that isn’t necessarily fashionable.  Hear me out. This is one of the comics that got Bendis his Marvel gigs.  It’s been neglected the last few years as Bendis has gotten busier and busier, and that’s a shame.  This is one of his best works.  While I’ve got the last couple volumes waiting for me on the iPad after the Amazon sale awhile back, I never thought the quality dipped on this one.  Michael Avon Oeming is the artist and the spoiler-free log line is that it’s a comic about two cops in a world filled with super powered beings (the titular “Powers”) and it’s not afraid to go to dark places.  You’ll note I linked to the last page of that sales section.  That’s because the earliest digital tpbs are $2.99.  Hard to beat the price.

Over at the Green Hornet/Spirit sale (ending Thursday), I’d like to focus your attention on two digital tpbs: Green Hornet V.1: Bully Pulpit and Green Hornet V.2: Birth of a Villain.  The two volumes comprise a 12-part story by Mark Waid, Ronilson Freire and Daniel Indro.  It’s a more noir take on the Green Hornet than you often see and concerns the Green Hornet getting a bit full of himself and attempting to right things after making a horrible mistake.  It completely flew under the radar on release and it’s an excellent crime comic. Some of the scenes where the Hornet starts to realize the consequences of what’s happened are really striking.

Also ending Thursday is the Valerian sale.  This is the absolute classic the current Valerian movie was based on, was the primary influence on The Fifth Element and pretty much had to be an influence on Star Wars.  It’s a little more expensive for less pages than the other sales, but it’s good stuff that a lot of people haven’t encountered before.

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  1. Nothing wrong with recommending Powers or anything else for that matter. People take this stuff too seriously. Like what you like!

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