I’ve been hearing complaints from small and digital publishers about Comixology being closed for submissions.  This seems to have fueled some of the recent iVerse exclusive deals.  That just changed.  Comixology just opened up a submissions site.

The general idea is they have a team of reviewers that want to make sure the quality of the material is roughly equivalent to what you’d find on the shelf of a comics shop <insert snarky comment here>.  If you get accepted, you get what seems to be the standard deal – 50% of revenue after the transaction fees, which is effectively 35% if you’re on the iTunes/Apple system for an iPad when buying (and, amusingly, is the same rate you’d get for at Amazon if you chose the option where you weren’t charged a download fee — and that download fee cripples anything in color).

The submissions site is in private beta right now and is expected to open up to the general public in early 2013.  It’s certainly time for that.

The announcement was made over at VentureBeat in an article with the wonderfully condescending  intro:

Ya know that beautifully drawn zombie comic you and your friends created that’s like, so much better than The Walking Dead, but failed to sell a single issue at the local comic book shop? How about your finished ‘steampunk Ghostbusters’ comic that never made its way to the printer? Well, ComiXology might be able to help.

What’s more interesting is the trend of Comixology speaking in venues that more oriented to technology-based venture capital.  They’re spending more time talking to tech news outlets and tech conferences these days.  Of course, you also get ledes like the above.


  1. It’s appalling to me that this is the deal – proving once again that comic companies and creators are clueless when it comes to business. 35%?? Even the crappiest music aggregator takes 20-25% after iTunes cut. Marvel & DC are on the same deal? I DOUBT IT. Really embarrassing…. Has to be a better way.

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