We thought Tom was just taking some well deserved time off, but it turns out Comics Reporter has suffered a big outtage, and his exemplary interview series has been interrupted:

This really screws up the momentum of the holiday interview series, for which I apologize. Frank’s interview was posted on Sunday but was only up for two hours or so, Chris Pitzer was supposed to go out Monday, I was going to give away 50 boxes of comics on Christmas, and Francoise Mouly is supposed to be up today. Not to mention the seven already completed pieces that no one can access right now, or the 11 interviews yet to come that I’m unable to finish work on, a few of which may now be crowded out.

Some of Tom’s interviews have been posted at Comics Comics in the interim. Mightly Blogging League Unite!


  1. I was wondering if there was a problem with his site or if it was just the craptastic internet connection I have at my mother’s house while on vacation.

  2. The site still seems to be down as of Saturday 12/29. I hope it will be up soon, it feels weird to have not read Comics Reporter since Sunday!