Welcome to this week’s edition of The Beat’s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up! In this installment, we delve into an award comic classic, explore an intriguing new action-packed thriller, and unveil the latest addition to a popular Spy-fi series!

THORN: The Complete Proto-BONE College Strips 1982-1986

Thorn by Jeff Smith

Creators: Jeff Smith (Artist, Writer)
Goal: $30,000
End Date: November 17th
Goodies: a digital and physical copy, a hardcover copy, enamel pins, an exclusive cover art copy, a three-piece Thorn print set, and ultimate collectors set!

The Secret Origin of Jeff Smith’s BONE Comes to Light! NYT Bestselling Author Smith Returns to His Roots With a New Collection of His THORN College Strips!

Cartoon Books announces THORN: The Complete Proto-BONE College Strips from 1982 to 1986 and Other Early Drawings, printing the earliest renderings of the world-famous BONE characters for the first time in its entirety!

Bone, a comic adorned with 10 Eisner Awards and 11 Harvey Awards, has achieved phenomenal success, boasting over 8 million copies sold in North America alone. Jeff Smith’s creative prowess has exceeded expectations, and now there’s a unique opportunity to revisit the origins of this iconic series. The early version of Bone, initially named Thorn and tailored for Smith’s college audience, is set to be published as a complete run. At The Beat, we can’t stress the importance of this collection of work! It should definitely be in your own personal library!

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The Last Spartan: Red Tape

Creators: Christopher Priest (Writer), Tyler Mane (Artist)
Goal: $25,000
End Date: November 16th
Goodies: The physical graphic novel, a mythic foil variant, signed copies, t-shirts, and more!

Frank Kane, the last known survivor of The Last Spartans MC, walks a perilous path guided by ancient Spartan maxims, but his journey takes an otherworldly turn as visions and omens from the gods beckon him to break his parole and risk his freedom to rescue a kidnapped child from the clutches of Atlanta’s human trafficking underworld.

When determined decoy agent Amanda Harper crosses his path, fed up with government bureaucracy and on a mission to “save them all,” they both find an unlikely ally in a monumental showdown against an international cartel.

An outlaw biker who adheres to a spartan code, and an agent who has become tired of waiting to do the right thing, team up to find a girl in danger? The Last Spartan honestly sounds like something those who want a new action comic thriller will want. The comic is literally described as “Sons of Anarchy meets the Punisher”, and with their description, it seems like that’s the case. We at The Beat are going to keep an eye on its release and with $27,000 dollars already funded for the project, it seems like we aren’t the only ones.

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GHOST Agents/Metropolis

Creators: Rocko Jerome (writer), and over 10 different artists!
Goal: $11,500
End Date: November 3rd
Goodies: Digital and physical copies, GHOST logo pin, posters, and more!

Over the last two years, the ongoing GHOST Agents project has built killer buzz, knocked out six successful Kickstarter campaigns, and got a couple of dozen ascendant artists published and paid for their hard work… many for the first time. As unapologetically experimental and art-forward comics, GHOST Agents has been a graphic tour de force that pushes boundaries.

And we’re just getting started. If you missed our two previous 8.7 x 13.3-inch newsprint treasuries, GHOST Agents: Apocalyptico and GHOST Agents: Crimson Reckoning, you can get them as add-ons after you select your reward tier package featuring our all-new one- on newsprint, and at that same treasury size:

Integrating the influential Metropolis series into a comic book that has seen success through six campaigns is a testament to its impact. With a double-sided comic book to incorporate more story and beautiful art into this campaign, we at The Beat are looking forward to what more this release has to offer!

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