Welcome to this week’s science fiction and horror-themed comics crowdfunding roundup, which means these campaigns are all about death, the macabre, and the alternative art scene. Oh, and we have monsters, aliens, and haunting real-life problems. It is October, after all, and it’s time to look into society’s ills with a genre twist.

Without further adieu, let’s get to this week’s comics crowdfunding campaigns worth checking out.

All the Songs I Want to Forget

All the songs I want to forget

Creators: Alba Glez
Goal: $5,341
End Date: November 12, 2022
Goodies: Chapters 1 and 2, “Diamond & Gold,” plus extra material; a signed copy of the book; the original Spanish language version; and a deluxe material pack that includes an exclusive print, mini postcard, or two sticker sheets

Music, love, and death. A graphic novel full of rock!

A Mexican artist, creator, and penciller for Marvel Comics, Glez is crowdfunding a comic that tells the story of Fernando Posada, an aspiring rock star and mysterious king known as “The Golden Dragon.” The themes presented in the story are very personal to the creator, revolving around the three great obsessions of her life: art, love, and death. Although All the Songs I Want to Forget explores difficult issues such as mourning, depression, suicide, domestic abuse, and addiction, it is a celebration of life.

For fans of Glez’s previous Kickstarter, Laura from the Sacred Land, be sure to look out for some winks and familiar characters from the series. Although this campaign is a new, independent story, the two tales are related.

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Orphans of the Impact Winter

Orphans of the Impact Winter

Creators: Lee Carlisle and Ross Carlisle (writers), and Marina Gonçalves (artist)
Goal: $10,000
End Date: November 14, 2022
Goodies: Digital copies of issues #1-5; softcover volume that combines issues #1-5 into one TPB; a physical copy of an 8×12 flyer found by Chuck and Addie; one of three signed art prints; original art page; and create an alien

Grab your breathing mask and laser pistol because we’re going adventuring!

The story of Orphans of Impact Winter is best summed up as Spaceman Spiff meets Invader Zim. In Carlisle’s space-age fantasy, a young boy, Chuck, and his loyal dog, Addie, struggle to survive in a world where the moon is falling out of the sky and causing an impact winter on Earth. To cope with the harsh realities of a prolonged ice age, in which plants and animals are dying off, food is growing scarce, and society is crumbling, Chuck imagines that he is an intrepid space traveler exploring sci-fi landscapes with alien creatures and monsters. 

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Macabre Mel: Wicked Salvation-Demons! Swords! Magic! Horror!

Macabre Mel - Wicked Salvation

Creators: Rolands Kalnińš (interior artist), Adam Barnhardt (writer), and Marco Ventura (letterer)
Goal: $4,500
End Date: October 31, 2022
Goodies: Digital copy and script book; floppy and variant covers; hardcover edition; and a catch-up Macabre Mel combo pack

Mel inadvertently extinguished the Age of Heroes. Now she’s on her way to Hell to try righting her wrongs in this 56pg graphic novella.

Macabre Mel is a crime fighter of all things spooky, from bank robbers to serial killers, rogue sorcerers, and a mad alien or two, and now she is on her way to Hell to go toe-to-toe with the Devil. If you are into slayers who spend too much time in a library (or is it even possible to spend too much time in a library) to learn how to fight all sorts of big baddies, or romps around Hell, then this is for you.

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Snow Paw #1-2: 19th Century Scottish Female Werewolf Fantasy

Snow Paw 1-2

Creators: Robert A. Multari
Goal: $10,000
End Date: October 19, 2022
Goodies: Snow Paw #1-2; campaign exclusive mystery boxes containing mystery CGC graded signed Snow Paw comic, all 14 limited edition variants, and more; be a featured supporting character; and additional milestone and stretch goals

Upon discovering her werewolf lineage, a young woman’s eyes are opened to the existence of Supernatural beings & creatures of Fantasy!

A 19th-century Scottish werewolf fantasy and a chance to be a member of Multari’s Wolf Pack are at stake if you don’t back this campaign in the two days. If you’re already a Wolf Pack howler, Snow Paw #1-2 is a chance to learn more about the titular character’s origin story over 200 years before the events of Night Wolf. Described as a series for fans of strong female leads, this crowdfunding campaign is for anyone who likes a unique take on the horror, supernatural, theology, mythology, steampunk, and fantasy genres.

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Conjure Comics – Anti-Racist Tracts and Graphic Novels

Conjure Comics - Solidarity in Pandemonium Cover

Creators: Cir L’Bert, Jr. (founder), MechanicalPencil GirlMatt HorakChris RiniChristopher Harvey,and Donaver Adwin Cricket
Goal: $30,000
End Date: November 10, 2022
Goodies: PDF or print copy, a box containing multiple copies of the tracts (different tiers)

An indie comics publisher creating anti-racist tracts and a historical afrofantasy series.

Knight Foundation‘s 2019 Knight Arts Challenge Akron Award winner Cir L’Bert, Jr. has launched a crowdfunding campaign to launch a comic book company, Conjure Comics, to create socially progressive anti-racist comics, graphic novels, and reference materials that share clear, life-saving information with artistic vigor. To help Conjure Comics get off the ground, the Knight Foundation has pledged $60,000 to L’Bert Jr., contingent on his ability to raise $60,000 in matching donations.

The company’s first project is a reimagining of Chick Tracts, with the first tract, Solidarity in Pandemonium, providing facts on COVID-19 and pandemic safety and illustrating the importance of vaccination against an afrofuturist backdrop featuring time travel and rebirth. Also included among the first tracts are LiberatorCivic EcologyFolkloreDefinitions, and A Little Register of Black Comics, the last of which is a homage to historical Black educational comics. Each tract features a QR code for additional resources as well.

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