We’d been hearing rumors about this for quite some time, but now it’s official: Longtime comics editor Mike Gold is launching ComicMix, a new website, backed by a mix of new media peeps and comics favorites. PW Comics Week has the official story:

Beginning today, a group of veteran comics editors and digital entrepreneurs are launching, a new pop culture Web site devoted to news and opinion on the comics industry, in addition to covering movies, TV, music and gaming.

The site will also feature columns and blogs from comics writer Peter David, longtime DC and Marvel comics editor Dennis O’Neil, pop culture and political blogger Elayne Riggs, comics writer John Ostrander and many others. The site will offer podcast comics reviews by a revolving crew of reviewers including well-known music writer Dave Marsh and others.

{snip]Gold will oversee the site’s editorial content; but the venture also includes digital entrepreneurs like Glenn Hauman, an investor in the venture who will also provide electronic publishing expertise. Another investor is web entrepreneur Brian Alvey, an executive at AOL and cofounder and president of the blogging company Weblogs Inc, who Gold says will also provide web and business expertise.

Elayne has PR: editor in chief, Mike Gold, said, “With one click, our readers can check up on the latest talking points in the entertainment universe. We’ve assembled the best, the brightest and the snarkiest to bring the newest rumors, gossip, opinions and facts to one convenient site.”

“And,” he added, “This is just Stage One. In a few weeks, we open up the next frontier of ComicMix. It will change the way you read comics in every conceivable way.” Each day, hints and clues as to the nature of Stage Two will be posted at is the new site for readers who enjoy all types of fantastic media, from comic books television and movies to video games and more. Every day, visitors find news, facts, reviews, commentary, columns and a community environment that reaches across the globe, across decades and into the future.

Meanwhile, everyone has jumped on the idea that thiswill also be a site for webcomics, based on this post at Pop Thought:

I have spent more than 6 months hunting down this information, and it is still speculation but I have relatively strong information from a variety of sources that my friends Mike Gold, Tim Truman, John Ostrander, Mike Baron, Mike Grell, along with a cast of dozens, including important names like Denny O’Neil, Tony Isabella, Marv Wolfman and Peter David have partnered with a comic book web site to provide content, vis-a-vis webcomics and blogs.

At press time, the site had only a placeholder up, due to gamma rays, apparently.


  1. I welcome a voice that could lend more gravitas to comics.
    The industry lacks a New Yorker, or Time Magazine equivalent.
    The Beat, in my warped mind, is akin to Comics Variety.

    Comic sites are always popping up all over the place, but a news / opinion / et. gathering point backed by industry professionals with history can easily put this above the mix.

    Boomers and Blue Hairs? What the hell? That snide comment speaks volumes about the poster.

  2. Yep, still down, Scott. Web-elves (TM Gaiman) are furiously working as we speak, so I assume.

    Donnie inspired me. I’ve “filked” a song called “Boomers and Bluehairs” (with apologies to Rod Stewart). Feel free to email me for a copy. May or may not go on the site. I want it on t-shirts, though – maybe it’s time to check out Cafe Press!

  3. Elayne, if you DO make a t-shirt, might I suggest a picture of the TV Batman’s Aunt Harriett wearing one of those neon blue wigs one finds in a costume shop?!

    Oooh… and we could perform the song wearing bright blue Beatles wigs! (Bright blue Beatles bonnets?)