Digital first publisher Comicker Press, whom you may recall from a Kickstarter campaign or  winning this year’s Dwayne McDuffie award is taking the next step in their growth: they’re getting print distribution with Baker & Taylor and Emerald Comics Distro.

Official PR follows:

Comicker Press brings the 2018 Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity in Comics-nominated series Chimera by Tyler Ellis, and Waking Life by Ben Humeniuk, to libraries and retailers worldwide through Baker & Taylor and Emerald Comics Distro.

“Since our launch in 2015, print has been the end goal for all of our diversity-focused series,” said Comicker LLC co-founder Sean E. Williams. “Today we’re pleased to announce that two more of our creator-owned books are reaching that goal, with the first volumes of Chimera and Waking Life coming to print in June.”

In the first volume of Chimera by Tyler Ellis, The Righteous & The Lost, a crew of thieves is hired for a covert mission in the midst of a galaxy being ripped apart by an interstellar holy war. If they want to survive – much less succeed – they must navigate hostile worlds, vengeful aliens, a deranged demon, and betrayal from within.

“The best way to describe Chimera is Firefly-meets-Saga. Tyler’s art is phenomenal, and the fact he produces this book as steadily as he does, and all on his own, is mind-blowing,” Williams said. “Having Chimera nominated for a Dwayne McDuffie Award validated our unique approach to making comics for the last three years, and now print readers can enjoy it for themselves.”

In Waking Life: Book One: Pleasant Places by Ben Humeniuk, the Princess of the Dreaming Realm decides to crash the real world with the help of her best friend…who’s no longer a kid, and only wants to get through high school.

“The mash-up of Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo in Slumberland, a modern setting with an African American teenager as a protagonist, and Ben’s manga influences make for a truly entertaining read!” Williams said. “In going along with the unique nature of this series, a digest-sized edition was the perfect way to make this all-ages book stand out even more.”

Both Baker & Taylor and Emerald Comics Distro are bringing Comicker Press’s backlist to bookstores, comic shops, and libraries as well, including Lost Angels: Volume One: Paradise High by David Accampo (DC Writers Workshop alumnus) and Chris Anderson, and The Casebook of Rabbit Black: Volume One by Kate Sherron.

Free catalogs and digital galleys are available to retailers, librarians, and reviewers via email at [email protected].


Chimera: Book One: The Righteous & The Lost by Tyler Ellis. 160 Pages. Full Color. Softcover Trade Paperback. $19.99 (USD). ISBN 978-0-9974873-3-6. Suggested for Mature Readers (Language, Violence). 

Waking Life: Book One: Pleasant Places by Ben Humeniuk. 192 Pages. Full Color. Softcover Digest-sized Paperback. $14.99 (USD). ISBN 978-0-9974873-2-9. Suggested for Readers 12 and Up (School Drama/Bullying).


Comicker LLC was founded by Saori Adams and Sean E. Williams, and launched in 2015 with its Comicker Digital imprint. Comicker LLC is designed to bring diverse creator-owned comics series to readers any way they want them (as ad-supported webcomics, collected as digital issues, and in print as trade paperbacks), and to give creators the flexibility to tell their stories exactly how they want to. In 2016, Comicker LLC brought the first two of its digital series to print as trade paperbacks via its Comicker Press imprint.

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