Fairly early into Disney’s CinemaCon presentation today, they decided to show a never-before-scene clip from Avengers: Endgame, the sequel to last year’s $2 billion global blockbuster. It started out very much as a team meeting with dialogue but then we got a little teaser tag with the group heading into space to find Thanos.
SPOILERS (Obviously?)
The scene is clearly early in Captain Marvel’s first meeting with the Avengers after the end credits scene in her own movie. Involved in the scene are both Caps, Black Widow, Bruce Banner Rhodey, Rocket, Nebula and Thor. (Obviously, Tony Stark is still stranded in space somewhere.)
The clip was introduced by Disney’s Head of Distribution Cathleen Taff, who mentioned the $18.5 billion the first 21 movies in the MCU has earned worldwide in just over ten years.
Basically, the Avengers are hanging out in the rec room and Captain Marvel heads out so Captain America asks where she’s going. “To kill Thanos,” Marvel responds.
“We usually work as a team here,” Black Widow tells her. “And between you and me, we’re all sort of fragile.”
Cap adds, “We realize that up there is more your territory, but this is our fight, too.”
Banner asks if she knows where Thanos is and Marvel responds that she knows people who might.
“Don’t bother,” Thanos’ daughter Nebula jumps in. “I can tell you where Thanos is. Thanos spent a long time trying to perfect me. He always talked about his great plan and even disassembled I wanted to please him.” She said she’d ask Thanos where they’d go once his plan was complete, and she talks about “The Garden.”
“That’s cute,” Rhodey says, “Thanos has a retirement plan.”
When Captain America where that is, there’s a visual of a planet where Thanos might be. “Thanos is there. He used the stones again,” Black Widow says.
Banner is reluctant to go after Thanos because they’d be shorthanded and Thanos still has the Infinity Stones, so the plan is to get the stones in order to bring everyone back. They quibble about whether this plan will work with Black Widow saying they owe it to everyone not in the room to try to bring them back.
“If we do this, how are we going to know it’s going to end any differently than it did before?” Banner asks, still obviously nervous about not being able to turn into “the Green Guy.”
“Because before, you didn’t have me,” Captain Marvel responds, to which Rhodey asks where she’s been all this time. “There are a lot of other planets in the universe, and unfortunately they didn’t have you guys,” she says.
Thor then gets up and gets in Captain Marvel’s face, puts his hand up to call Stormbringer to him, and Captain Marvel doesn’t even flinch – as we saw in the most recent trailer — and he says, “I like this one.”
“Let’s go get this son of a bitch,” says Captain America.
Cut to the logo with the all-too-familiar theme.
But then after the logo was shown, there was an extra scene of the Guardians’ space ship, the Milano (or is it now “The Benatar,” as James Gunn has said?). Rocket is at the helm with the rest of the Avengers in back, and he turns around and asks, “Okay, who here hasn’t been to space?” and probably only Rhodey and Black Widow raise their hands. “You better not throw up on my ship.” Then Captain Marvel counts down for the jump and the ship blasts off to who knows where?
Obviously, those two short scenes were received very well with loud applause, and I expect that’s all anyone will see of Avengers: Endgame until it opens on April 26.

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