UK Comics Shop Orbital hosts a podcast interview series called “Orbital in Conversation.”  In the most recent episode, Orbital Events manager Chris Thompson speaks with renowned literary author and current comics scribe Chuck Palahniuk about Fight Club 2 and Palahniuk’s take on the various strengths and weaknesses of the comics medium.

If you’re a structural reader, I highly suggest you give the whole podcast a listen, as there’s some incredibly interesting material to chew on.  That said, for those less inclined to think about the limitations of the page turn reveal, some juicy news came out of the interview: namely that Palahniuk is hard at work on Fight Club 3 and several other one-shot comics stories.


The follow up to Fight Club 2: The Tranquility Gambit, will be Fight Club 3: The Cheater’s Gambit.  When asked why he chose to give the Fight Club sequel a somewhat obvious name:

Palahniuk: Well, I figured we needed some kind of nomenclature for keeping track of these things, so why not call it Fight Club 2, the next one Fight Club 3, but they would each have a sort of subtitle.  So the subtitle is “The Tranquility Gambit,” the next one, the subtitle is “The Cheater’s Gambit.”  And so, they would have this sort of numbering system, but the real title would be the subtitle.

Thompson: And so…you already have number three in mind and in line as well?

Palahniuk: I do, and it has some of the most atrocious stuff…beyond MAD Magazine, beyond South Park.  I’m already on issue six.

Thompson: Right, and this would be comics as well?

Palahniuk: Yeah, exactly.

Six issues in already!  If this isn’t hyperbole, Palahniuk works quite far ahead.

In addition, Palahniuk spoke to the idea of writing other possible one-shot comics that “will probably come out sporadically next year” and have nothing to do with his prior literary works.  “Each one will be deeply upsetting, and controversial– and I hope– ultimately enjoyable.  But those will eventually get wrapped into a single volume.”  They will be “thematically linked” and allow Palahniuk to “work with a different artist and a colorist for each of the singles…each one is a kind of experiment.”

When asked who he’d like to work with on these single issues, Palahniuk threw out the name of Lady Killer’s fantastic artist Joëlle Jones.  There’s no word on whether or not this one-shot series will be published by Dark Horse like Fight Club 2 has been.


Can’t you see the results of this collaboration already?

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