fight club 2

by Kyle Pinion

It was teased at New York Comic Con, but now Chuck Palahniuk is fully committed to producing a sequel to his seminal novel Fight Club and he’ll be publishing it in comic book form at Dark Horse.

According to an announcement in USA Today, the series will be a 10 issue maxi-series and will debut in May 2015.

The pitch is that Fight Club 2 takes place alternately in the future and the past, picking up a decade after the ending of the original book. Our protagonist (the unnamed narrator played by Edward Norton in the film adaptation) is now married to paramour Marla Singer, with a 9 year old son named Junior in tow. In raising this new addition to their family unit, our “hero” is finding that he’s repeating many of the same mistakes of his own father.

That sense of perspective turnabout was key for Palahniuk as he highlights the fact that Fight Club the novel was written as “a tirade against fathers”, and now that he’s at the age his father was when he wrote that influential work, he’s aiming to focus his viewpoint to the paternal frame of reference.

But all of this new-found maturation doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten Tyler Durden, the soap-making projectionist that *SPOILERS FOR AN 18 YEAR OLD BOOK* was a hallucination/separate personality of the protagonist. We’ll learn about his true origins as well, with Palahniuk stating: “Tyler is something that maybe has been around for centuries and is not just this aberration that’s popped into his mind.”

Project Mayhem, which is still a major part of the central character’s thoughts, and many of the other major figures from the previous story, will also be returning.

Cameron Stewart (Seaguy, Sin Titulo) will be handling the art duties for Palahniuk, and while his slightly more animated style may seem an odd fit for the material, he finds that it’s: “more appropriate for the density of the story and for some of its more absurdly comical moments.”

With this major announcement and his upcoming run on Batgirl, I wouldn’t be surprised if 2015 is the year of Cameron Stewart. Palahniuk, for his part, will be on hand for a Fight Club panel with David Fincher, the Director of the 1999 adaptation, this Saturday. It’s certain that this sequel will be a major topic of discussion.

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