Kidhoudini Promo

The Chemistry Set and creator Dwight L. MacPherson are pleased to announce the launch of Kid Houdini and the Silver Dollar Gang on the 81st anniversary of the death of legendary escape artist and showman: Harry Houdini.

Kid Houdini mastermind Dwight L. MacPherson is the creator and writer of such titles as Shadowline/Image’s “The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo” and “Archibald Saves Christmas” as well as Arcana Studio’s “Dead Men Tell No Tales” and Silent Devil Productions’ “Jim Reaper: Week One” and “Lil’ Hellions: A Day at the Zoo.” MacPherson also penned two stories for IDW’s “Gene Simmons’ House of Horrors.”

Kid Houdini and the Silver Dollar Gang follows the adventures of young Harry Houdini after he ran away from his family home in Appleton, Wisconsin in 1886. Caged and mistreated by the cruel circus owner, Professor Murat, Harry and his misfit friends Lydia the snake girl, Hans the legless boy and the Siamese twins Jacques and Joe solve mysteries under cover of night. No case is too daunting nor dangerous to sway their scrutiny… if you can pay their fee: one shiny silver dollar.

“I have wanted to do this series for quite some time,” says creator Dwight L. MacPherson. “Imagine ‘Scooby Doo’ meets HBO’s ‘Carnivale,’ and that gives you an idea as to the feel of the story. There are supernatural aspects to the stories, but they are also grounded in good old-fashioned Sherlock Holmes-styled detective work. Regardless of age, I’m certain that readers will find something to enjoy in these new detective stories.”

“When we brought Dwight into the Chemistry Set, we knew we were getting someone with talent and imagination,” said Chemistry Set co-founder, Vito Delsante. “‘Kid Houdini’ is exactly the kind of story we expect from Dwight; fun, colorful and most of all, entertaining. We’re happy that he chose to run it with us, as he could have clearly chosen other outlets.”

The first page will be posted on the anniversary of Houdini’s death: October 31st , and subsequent pages will be posted every Wednesday following the initial launch.

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