We missed this news the other day: a bunch of long OOP Howard Chaykin books are going to be reprinted at Dynamite. Projects include Power and Glory Black Kiss!, Midnight Men an the remainder of American Flagg!. Publisher Nick Barrucci promises that many lessons were learned in the years long delays of the first American Flagg! collection:

“We won’t solicit the material before it’s ready. For those who choose to believe us, we’ve learned from that mistake. As we construct/reconstruct the material, and rebuild the audience, the new series/chapters will come out. In a perfect world, we will have Power and Glory come out this year, and either Black Kiss or a new chapter of American Flagg! hit the first half of next year, and then the other the second half. Then either the end of next year or year after, Midnight Men and the final two Chaykin chapters of Flagg! There may be more to be discussed, but I want to take this in bite sized chunks. Not just for our sake, but for Howard, the retailers and for fans sake. We want to be fair to all.”

Observant Chaykin fans can probably think of a few of his projects not on that list, like Time2 and Cyberella and his adaptations of Moorcock, Delaney and Bester. One guesses the rights to other projects are still being entangled or unavailable.