A reader by the name of Laura Hale writes to tell us of Fan History, a new website given to a wiki of the histories of various fandoms. There’s a Comics history page and Laura would love it if readers could contribute. Now this could be interesting, especially since highly anal fandoms often have highly detailed feuds over what happened and when. Keep watching that site!


  1. This site’s actually pretty controversial on fandom on account of the fact she has a habit of making up outright lies, banning people who try to help (several x-men fans were very surprised to discover that their ten years in that fandom meant they got banned by her when they tried to help) and uses people posting slurs anonymously as her ‘sources’.

    Just FYI.

  2. Actually, the Fan History Wiki isn’t “launching” – it’s hardly new. It’s been around for years. And yeah, it is a bit controversial in fandom, due to biased descriptions of major fandom kerfluffles.

  3. Fanhistory’s owner makes no effort to clean up her act, despite many people trying very hard to help her turn it into the source of fandom history that she wants it to be. She’s banhappy on those who know more about fandoms than she does, and surrounds herself with yes-people who don’t call her to task for making poor decisions.

    Avoid it at all costs. So says someone who tried to help and got burned.