200704061253Opus’s Berkeley Breathed is entering Dick Tracy territory as one of his drawings appears on America’s Most Wanted to help track down the culprit in a 1979 slaying..

Authorities believe the killer may have burglarized Breathed’s home when Breathed was a student at the University of Texas in Austin.

The cartoonist’s drawing of the burglary scene will be aired Saturday night on Fox’s “America’s Most Wanted.”

“I had forgotten about it for many years,” Breathed said Thursday in a telephone interview. “Once ‘America’s Most Wanted’ called, I got angry about it all over again.”

In Austin, Michael Cahill’s slaying is remembered as the “Book of Days” murder because the killer was suspected of breaking into the homes of Breathed and several other student photographers who contributed black-and-white pictures to a 1978 desk calendar by that name.

Cahill was killed when he caught the buglar leaving with his guitar.

For his next investigation, Breathed will look into “The Case of the Shrinking Comics Pages.”


  1. On a related note, Breathed’s new book MARS NEEDS MORE MOMS came out this week at my LCS. It is – as always- breath takingly beautiful. Heidi – you need to check it out.