X-Men Twitter is ablaze as Marvel dropped a C2E2 2020 teaser featuring the time and place of the “Marvel Comics: X-Men” panel (Friday at 2:30 in room S401). Notably, the panel will mark the anniversary of Dawn of X’s official announcement and the current reign of mastermind Jonathan Hickman, so expectations are already high as is.

Along with that information, though, is a much juicier image in the style of all the Dawn of X branding. Many fans are certain it depicts a sword, either Excalibur or soul sword related – but we here at the Beat are thinking more ocular. The image, which you can check out below, closely resembles one of Cyclops’ classic visor flares – and heck, it’s even the right color! Given the most recent Scott-centric issue of X-Men, it might seem apt to send him and the family on their own title for some Summers antics.

At any rate, below the visor/sword, are a few Krakoan letters that are much more clear in their message. Fans quickly pointed out sthat they pell ‘July, so, whether this is related to Magik, Excalibur or Cyclops, we won’t have to wait long to see it.

As far as format goes, the obvious choice is (yet another) new title, potentially a solo in the vein of Benjamin Percy and Adam Kubert’s Wolverine. Though, if Marvel sticks to a trend noted by Zack Quaintance, the X-Men panel at C2E2 2020 could also reveal a new weekly X-Event, following the release style of 2018’s Age of X and 2019’s House of X/Dawn of X. Or something else entirely!

Only time will tell. Be sure to check back here tomorrow as we cover Marvel’s X-Men panel at C2E2 2020.

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