A few quick notes on notables things:

§ BOOM! has announced that its line of kids comics will be carried at Disney’s Soda Fountain Studio Store on Hollywood Blvd. BOOM!’s kids line includes books based on the Muppets and Pixar properties. We can’t attest to what the intervening 10 years have meant, but back when we worked at Disney, getting into Disney Stores with comics was always a big deal, so this is a nice way to get comics in front of an audience that has children and some spending money.

§ Brandon Graham’s KING CITY is one of the Tokyopop original GNs that was left unfinished in the downsizing of their OEL/OGM/whatever you want to call it program. However, it is coming back:

The deal is set. Tokyopop and Image comics are putting out my KING CITY book
in twelve 32 page chunks starting on August 19th
It’s going to be printed wider than standard comics size. BIG!
Golden age size. Ivan Brandon’s Viking book just came out the same size I think.

So Image will put out a once manga sized book as a periodical comic and then collect the whole thing again? That’s pretty progressive. While the details of the workings of the deal aren’t known, internet hopes that Becky Cloonan’s EAST COAST RISING will also go this route are high.

§ This is kind of a catchall, but Robot 6 has an excellent list of links to all kinds of e-publishing news. One of them concerns comics selling well on iTunes, and we just happened to make this snapshot tonight of iTunes best selling “Book” apps which includes comics:
Of course we have no idea of what the actual sales numbers on these are, but Twilight and the Bible are very popular in general, so you can see comics are holding their own. STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN’s popularity has been previously noted, but the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are also in there. So…this thing is happening.


  1. The listing is an approximation only. The real positions on the list can’t truly be known, as not all stores participate in the process. Besides, everybody knows the Bible is the best selling book of all time.

    Well, somebody had to say it. I’m just saving somebody else from being the @$$hole who said it.


  2. Alan, the iTunes list is indeed the actual ranking of apps, not an approximation. All apps sold are ranked by Apple, it’s not optional participation. There can be a time lag sometimes, but otherwise should be considered an accurate number for the day.

  3. Jeff, I think you are missing that I was merely being a sarcastic jerk.

    I can in no way argue your point unless I start making up facts. -;)