Buckrogers-1949 Buck Rogers, the early sci-fi comic strip icon is coming back to the comics from Dynamite Entertainment. Rogers debuted as “Anthony” Rogers in a couple of stories in Amazing Stories by Philip Francis Nowlan; syndicate executive John Flint Dille teamed with artist Dick Calkins to create the familiar “Buck Rogers” comic strip. Rogers was later seen in a TV show that coined the annoying phrase “Bidi! Bidi!” and Erin Gray’s appearance as Wilma Deering fueled countless fantasies in boys around the land, at least accoring to anecdotal evidence we’ve heard.

Dynamite’s version of the character will have covers by Alex Ross and John Cassaday, according to president Nick Barrucci. Dynamite’s agreement with the Dille Estate also allows for the creation of Buck Rogers comics, collections, including classic material, comics-based fine art prints, posters, action figures, trading cards, statues, and other high-end collectibles.


  1. I think it’s potentially cool but the character’s pretty dated and will need a major upgrade.

    I read the book some time back and Wilma was a bit of an amazon, once killing her foes with a bayonet while screaming like Xena. (Female heroines; they just gotta scream alla time.)

    A made-up element in the book is called “inertron.” LEGION readers will get the reference.

  2. In a pretty similar vein, Ardden Entertainment is going to be bringing back Flash Gordon. My understanding is that the character is definitely getting an update, but they intend to keep the spirit of the original strip and the movie (yeah, the one with the Queen soundtrack). I hope both of these efforts succeed, since I enjoyed both characters as a budding science fiction fan back in the day.

  3. Been reading The Beat regularly, for more years than I can recall, and have never commented before, but taking Twiki’s trademark “bidi bidi” in vain? That’s just too much too sit idly by… ;)
    I must disagree, as it’s both endearing, and the stuff of pop culture legend to a legion of Buck Rogers fans (which to your credit, the spandex clad Erin Gray was too, so you got that part right) :)

    As others mentioned, looking forward to what Dynamite does here, and even more so Ardden’s Flash Gordon!

  4. I am happy to see so much being said about Buck Rogers. We are manufacturing this 1/6 scale collectible super hero in time for his 80th Birthday. August 2008. We are applying all the quality features that this super hero truely deserves and to represent all the people and followers, writers who have kept this Guy alive and exciting for so many years.

    Our Flash Gordon figure will also blow people away. The future in action figures begins here. It is not just a figure we truly represent the actors and writers bringing them back to life in 12 in forms.

  5. I bought the 0 issue of the new Buck Rogers series from a local comic book shop in Spokane WA and for a preview issue it already shows bright promise. Hopefully the on-going series will pan out just as well. Very well written and masterfully drawn the comic draws the reader in and keeps them there. I got hungry for more. In a world of comic book heroes with extraordinary powers Buck Rogers comes along and breaks that conventional mold. I really enjoyed this comic book and can’t wait for issue 1 to hit the stands. This is a must read for all inhabitants of the geek world and maybe for some that may even make thier way there.