We don’t know who Brittany is, but she seems to be female, and she liked the MInx books, going back to our question from last week.

Growing up I wanted to read comic books but never felt like there was anything for me to relate to. The only thing I would pick up and read were the “Archie and Friends” comics, which to be honest was a little lacking in content. By taking Literature 220 where the focus was graphic novels (GN’s) I was able to see that writers and artists are trying to make comics more girl friendly with modern ideas and plots. The Minx line is a series of GN’s that is specifically focused on women and their lives.

Minx has one particular book that I would like to discuss and that is “The P.L.A.I.N Janes”. I think that this book is great for representing every girl there is out there with their characters, plot and use of language. Both the artistry and the text play a big part in attracting women to comics and GN’s.