There should doubtless be more links from the last week or so, but these are a few things we had tucked away:

§ The short lists of the Cybil Awards Graphic Novel nominees have been announced. It’s a blogger-chosen award for children’s and teen literature. The lists are reminders of how the kid and YA graphic novel lists swelled in 2008.

§ aims to run an interview a day in 2009 — that’s 365 cartoonists!

§ Tom Spurgeon’s yearend interview series wraps up with

Kurt Busiek
Matt Forsythe
Batton Lash
Abhay Khosla — A MUST read which we may be commenting on further.
Karl Stevens
Matt Fraction

§ J. Caleb Mozzocco’s Best Comics of 2008.

§ Is it really amusing that this “Best of” list includes both ACTION COMICS and Kevin Huizenga?

§ NPR (!) moves Toward a Comics-Geek Taxonomy.

§ Relieved to see other bloggers are packrats just like us.

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§ We received a rather cryptic email urging us to check out a website which seems to deal with old Black Terror comics(above). Judging by that splash page, The Black Terror specialized in thwarting child-trippers.

§ Barbie’s getting edgier and video games are to blame!
The company wants to return the doll to her roots, doing everything from revamping the corporate structure that oversees Barbie to changing the way the doll is photographed for ads. The goal: to make Barbie fashionable again with older girls, who are dropping her for other, edgier playthings like video games.

§ Plus, we note with sadness the passing of Glenn Goldman, the owner of Sunset Blvd’s Book Soup, a store where we whiled away many hours in our youth, and an early supporter of graphic novels, among many other things.