Wood2450DMZ gets the full-on Sunday Times treatment:

What inspired Mr. Wood, 34, to create such a grim scenario? “Just living here,” he said during a recent interview near his Brooklyn home, where he lives with his wife, Meredith Gary, and their 9-week-old daughter, Audrey. “That makes it sound like I hate the city, but I really don’t.”

It’s just the opposite. Mr. Wood, who was born in Vermont and attended Parsons School of Design in Manhattan, briefly lived in San Francisco. It was a miserable but productive time. “Not only was I longing for New York, I was analyzing it,” he said. Developing the ideas for DMZ and another continuing comic-book series, Local, was the “one good thing of living out there.”


  1. Don’t let the word “the” placed in front of that quote of mine mislead you… I didn’t have THAT bad a time living in SF!