Mobydickandmightymightoropening10It was fun dropping off the grid for a few days, but while everyone else has moved on to Lollapalooza, we’re still wrestling with our San Diego wrap-up which is as embarrassing as hell, but what are ya gonna do? You have to take your time returning to the surface or else you’ll get the bends. It’s been a slow return to the semi-real world. A check on my LJ friends page shows that babies are being born, art is being created and Tintin is still posting robot slash porn. We managed to catch an episode of Moby Dick and The Mighty Mightor and somehow that has brought us sharply back to reality.

We’re still easing back into full time blogging; the forbearance of faithful readers is, as always, appreciated.

We did take time this weekend to make a guest appearance on Comic News Insider’s 100th episode. The episode goes live on Wednesday and we’ll be sure to post the link then. Thanks to Jimmy and Joe for having us on!