by Pam Auditore 

Update: 3/22/2014

The Fourth and Final Season of the  Boondocks  animated TV series will premiere Monday, April 21 at 10:30p.m (ET/PT) on Adult Swim.

The beautifully produced animated series based on Aaron MacGruder’s Boondocks Comics Strip follows the adventures of the Freeman family: cantankerous Robert “Granddad” Freeman and his rambunctious grandkids Huey and Riley.

Seasons 1-3 of the Peabody award winning series had MacGruder’s full involvement.  But according to an updated press release from AdultSwim:

“The Boondocks  produced by Sony Pictures Television. This season was produced without the involvement of Aaron McGruder, when a mutually agreeable production schedule could not be determined.

There has been no comment, yet from Mr. MacGruder , or further information from Sony Television or AdultSwim.

Boondocks Comic Strip
Boondocks Animated

Season 4 will continue the Freeman family’s escapades, moving from the South to a suburb of Chicago with Granddad Robert hoping to enjoy his golden years in peace.  But 10-year-old revolutionary Huey, and 8-year-old member of contemporary Rap culture Riley, are not about to just lay down and enjoy their affluence.  As always, they will be  torturing each other as well as challenging and provoking their neighborhood.

John Witherspoon (Friday After Next) voices Robert “Granddad” Freeman with Regina King (Southland and Ray) voices both grandkids Riley, and Hughie.

The Final Season’s storylines will inclue Granddad dating a long lost Kardashian sister; obsessing over his i-Phone and Siri; as well as a lethal involvement in a black market of  the hair-care industry ala Breaking Bad.”

There will also be a healthy helping of familiar Big Names lending their voice talents:  Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Ghostface Killah, CeeLo, Lil Wayne,  Aisha Tyler (Archer), Tavis Smiley, Katt Williams,  Marion Ross (Happy Days)  and Cedric the Entertainer among others.


  1. Aaron McGruder is credited as a writer on every episode of the animated series. Sounds like involvement to me.

  2. can’t wait! thanks for the news, I hadn’t heard this before!
    I loved season 1, but it all started getting a little too racist for me after that. hopefully they turn that around in this last season

  3. The upcoming fourth season will be done without McGruder’s involvement. Kinda buried the lede there, Beat Staff.

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