Due to circumstances beyond our control, NJ Transit and allergies, we won’t be able to do the SPX Debuts like we usually do. Deepest apologies to everyone who sent us stuff, and we’ll try to make up for it somehow.

We will, however, be at SPX this weekend, moderating the Jeffrey Brown panel at some point, and generally enjoying the camaraderie and ambiance that only Bethesda can offer. See you there!


  1. Actually it’s NORTH Bethesda. They consider the “southies” (what most people think of as “Bethesda”) as a bunch of inside-the-beltway, wine-and-brie, no-good-NGO policy wonks who think a security pass is a fashion accessory.

    On a related note, Big Monkey Comics will be closing their store on 14th and R Street this Saturday. (If you’re taking Amtrak, MARC, or VRE into Union Station, check out Fantom Comics in the west hall!)