Before Natasha Romanoff can infiltrate a party thrown by the new Prince of Madripoor and take down some of the vile men behind No Restraints Play, she has to defeat Madame Masque. In the meantime, her allies are using their own means to infiltrate the prince’s party in Black Widow #3. Things are tense, but they’re about to get violent.
Marvel provided The Beat with an exclusive preview of the first five pages of the new issue, on sale Mar. 27. Take a look at the preview below and be sure to pick up a copy of Black Widow #3 at your local comic shop on Wednesday.

Writers: Jen Soska & Sylvia Soska
Artist: Flaviano
Colorist: Veronica Gandini
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover Artist: Clayton Crain
Publisher: Marvel
VILLAINS, VILLAINS EVERYWHERE… The mysterious, self-proclaimed Prince of Madripoor is throwing a party, and the guest list is filled with a who’s who of villains! Black Widow is looking to crash that party. HARD. That is, if she can escape the deadly clutches of Madame Masque!

Black Widow #3 cover art by Clayton Crain
Black Widow #3 page 1
Black Widow #3 page 2
Black Widow #3 page 3
Black Widow #3 page 4
Black Widow #3 page 5