The Dickens’ classic is getting a reimagining in comic book form as Dark Horse Comics imprint Berger Books announces, Oliva Twist. Not only is the iconic story getting an update, it’s one being done by bestselling novelist Darin Strauss (Chang and Eng, More Than It Hurts You) and short fiction author Adam Dalva (Tin House, Guernica) as co-writer.

Olivia Twist looks to follow a similar commentary on society’s problems the Oliver Twist novel touched on but with a bit more modernism, science fiction, and a unique character for readers to gravitate to:

In a dangerous future London, teenage orphan Olivia Twist joins the Esthers, a rag-tag gang of girl thieves, to save a boy she barely knows. Led by the elegant, queenly Fagin, they steal from the rich inhabitants of Vertical City while battling the illegally-augmented Trads for control of the streets.

But Olivia’s life of newfound friendships in this world of internment camps and dark technology gets even more complicated when she discovers that she has more power and wealth than she’s ever dreamed of. But it comes at an unfathomable cost.

Joining best selling authors scripting the book is artist Emma Vieceli (Vampire Academy, The Adventures of Supergirl) and colorist Lee Loughridge (Briggs Land).  Top women comics artists, Vanesa Del Rey, Tula Lotay, Sana Takeda and Emma Vieceli will create cover art for this reimagining of the classic character.

The first issue of a four-part miniseries, Olivia Twist goes on sale September 19, 2018,


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