Brian Michael Bendis took delight in toying with the poor internet this afternoon with a few ‘Bendis bombs.’ The first was a little surprising;


The writer announced that Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man is officially coming to an end in a future issue that will be drawn by artist Dave Marquez. His post shared more information about the Ultimate version of Captain Universe which the author teased has certain similarities to another Marvel star – Jonathan Hickman. With Secret Wars set to change the landscape of the Marvel Universe this was to be expected, as the title is going to have an all-new supporting cast.

Next was the debut of this second Bendis Bomb;


Then we have a big Secret Wars tie-in series coming from Bendis involving the Guardians of the Galaxy with the alternate title, Guardians of Knowhere. The story was initially revealed via EW, who also showed off this cover art coming exclusively from artist Mike Deodato. Knowhere is the detached head of a celestial that Rocket, Groot, Gamora, and Angela are apparently the guardians of the head judging from this fateful image.

“The best series that are being done during this—and all the ones that I’m attempting—are going to bring something into the Marvel Universe that wasn’t there before,” Bendis told EW. “And this one will absolutely be doing that. There will be a fundamental change in the Guardians coming out of Secret Wars that I think is going to [lead to] a nice conversation for people to have afterwards.”

Guardians of Knowhere #1 will be available on June 17, and there is no new information regarding the launch date of Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man.


  1. First one’s probably more a firecracker than a bomb considering how little overall enthusiasm there’s been for the Marvel Ultimate Universe lately. Feeling kinda burned out on all the SW What-Ifs already; just waiting to hear which books/franchises will still be standing when the dust settles.

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