While in Baltimore this week, we ran into the one and only Maggie Thompson, and enjoyed hanging out and attempting to distract her from a bad toothache with our own patented merry chatter. Maggie let it slip that she has a blog at the CBG site: Beautiful Balloons, named after the column she and late husband Don wrote for the original TBG back in the day. Don and Maggie pretty much invented the breezy pop culture blog style, and she’s still at it:

Thanks to the hard-to-get hotel-room situation, I decided to hit the show today, when many are checking out — and be here for one day of show, one day of trade show, and extra time at the museum. So I’ve had about five hours at the show now and am having a great time. Folks say yesterday was jammed and it’s easier to get around the floor today. But that was a heck of a long line for Jim Lee.
Lovely conversations with such folks as Tim Truman, Kyle Baker, Mike Gold, and Bob Ingersoll, not to mention brief exchanges with Mark Waid, Don Rosa, Marc Patten, and… More later. I’ve just checked into my room and have to find my claim check for my luggage. But I should note prices here are great for old oddities. $1 @ for Gold Key Flash Gordons, a 10-cent Daffy Duck, and a Gabby Gob; $2 @ for some Marvel variants and a batch of the old Classics Illustrated Juniors. Now to find that claim check.

Actually we noted that Krause has a bunch of blogs running on various hobbyist topics, and perhaps we’re more amused by the titles than we should be.

Gavel Chat

Talkin Toys


  1. My favorite comics-related column title is in one of those TwoMorrow’s magazines, BACK ISSUE or DRAWN (I forget):