Tuesday, Warner Bros. Interactive announced a slew of new mobile device games which included a brand-new Game of Thrones title, LEGO Batman Beyond Gotham, DC Comics Legends, and the previously announced Mortal Kombat X.

The big announcement was Boston based studio Turbine(Lord of the Rings Online, Infinite Crisis) will release a game for mobile devices called Batman: Arkham Underworld. This game will see players building a hideout and then recruiting and training an “army of henchman to do your bidding.” You’ll control a team of supervillians including the Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, and the Riddler. The ultimate goal is to become Gotham City’s “next criminal kingpin.” “Build a big enough empire? Maybe you’ll be ready to take on Batman himself.”

No word on release date or if the game would tie-in with the upcoming console release of Batman: Arkham Knight. Players interested in trying out the game can go its official website to sign up for the upcoming beta test.