I’ve been covering Toy Fair at The Beat for a number of years now, and I have never seen a Bandai Namco booth this big! Every product line and every license was on display. Gundam! Nanoblocks! Star Wars! Tekken! Marvel! One Piece! Disney Princesses! Godzilla! Things currently in stores, and more importantly, things not yet in stores were on display. Bandai Namco had one of the largest booths at Toy Fair 2023, and I took a number of pictures for you, dear Beat reader.


These dino models are meticulously detailed. You can put them together as skeletons, with their outer flesh on, or a combination of the two. There are even clear rods for displaying the flesh hovering over the skeleton.

Mogu Mogu Zoo!

These Mogu Mogu Zoo pets are small, desktop manual vacuums. I need one for my desk!


Fans can put together these Pokémon paper craft packs and then display them.

Mega Man!

Mega Man seems absolutely perfect for the Nanoblocks line. Give me the entire Mega Man 2 cast!


Griffith was on display at SDCC, but his head sculpt wasn’t completed yet. Well, his head was completed in time for Toy Fair and he looks amazing! Check out all that detail.


Speaking of detail, check out the level of detail on this Bandai Namco Hobby SandLand Tank!

Street Fighter!

Street Fighter is back at Bandai Namco!!

Dragon Ball Z!

Here’s a couple of previews of Dragon Ball Z characters hitting store shelves soon from Bandai Namco.


The coloring on this Godzilla is awesome. 

Disney Princesses!

Bandai Namco is releasing an assortment of blind box Disney Princesses that include accessories iconic to the characters. 


The Tekken line from Bandai Namco is as detailed as you’d expect from the company, but what really stands out is the start of fight word displays. It’s the little things like this that really make the line stand out.


It’s not a Bandai Namco booth without a LOT of Gundams.

Mega Cat Project!


Mega Cat Project is just too cute!

Star Wars!

Bandai Namco showed off their figures modeled after Disney+’s The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett



Vaccine from Digimon! So. Many. Accessories.

Bandai Namco really did bring it to Toy Fair this year. It was cool to see them offering toys from so many comics, cartoons, and movies. It will be interesting to see what they bring to NYCC next week!