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HiX-Men Moment of the Week: Congratulations, mutants, Krakoa is a Nation-State....

As Jonathan Hickman’s status quo finally comes into view, Xavier makes it clear he’s thinking in absolute terms for Krakoa.

HiX-Men Moment of the Week: Mr. Sinister? More like Mr. Fabulous

The classic X-Men villain makes his marvelous debut in Powers of X #4.

REVIEW: THE RED ZONE is a heartwarming, engaging tale about moving...

A story about an Italian village’s post-Earthquake experience is extremely universal.

HiX-men Moment of the Week: Nightcrawler and Wolverine redefine ‘Best Friends...

Even members of the X-Men need reassurance from their bros every once in a while.

Moon Knight is coming to TV: Meet the characters most likely...

Even superheroes need a strong supporting cast.

Before Moon Knight joins Disney+, here’s what to know about his...

Come learn about Moon Knight before his Disney+ debut!

HiX-Men Moment of the Week: Emma Frost tops the world

Emma Frost makes her dominating presence felt as a Krakoan diplomat.

Review: Bloodshot #1 is a balls to the wall, hollow reintroduction

Valiant’s nanite-infused superhero is back with the bloody vengeance.

HiX-Men Moment of the Week: Wolverine wants to do it all

Wolverine finally gets something to do in Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men story.

Double Fine Productions has a rad new game for you: RAD

The new game looks to put some color and pep in a post-apocalyptic world.

Cyclops is back to being the swoony, confident leader the X-Men...

Hot girl summer? More like Hot Cyclops 2019.
DC booth at SDCC '19

The DC booth had more shine, less heart than ever at...

This year, things were a bit different.