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Elana is co-host of the Graphic Policy Radio podcast"where comics and politics meet". She got into comics in Jr. High by stealing her younger brother’s copies of X-Factor. She immediately identified with mutants as a metaphor for oppressed groups and used this parallel to justify her interest in comics to her incredulous friends and relatives. And has been doing so ever since. A trained but not practicing artist, Elana covers comics art and analyzes comics and the industry with a queer and feminist lens. Elana has lead fan activism trainings everywhere from comic cons to activist conferences teaching folks how to use stories and fictional worlds to save the real one, (you know, where we keep our comics collections).

Review: Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #1 is Silver Age gold in...

This comic is going to catapult Jimmy Olsen over the top into the comics zeitgeist again.

Multiple Man #1: Contains Multitudes of Marvelous Moments

Between Matt Rosenberg writing a Multiple Man miniseries about Jamie Madrox and Saladin Ahmed writing Quicksilver it feels like all my favorite new comics...

Review: Quicksilver: No Surrender is another bold, experimental success for Saladin...

Issue #2, just released today, is a full throated rebuke of anti Romani slander, beyond anything I’ve seen in a superhero comic about the Romani people.