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The Marvel Rundown: The dawn of Dark CAPTAIN MARVEL brings a...

Plus, Deadpool takes on a new set of responsibilities, Dawn of X marches on, and more!

NYC’s anime con wars are over &  AnimeNYC is the clear...

AnimeNYC 2019 was packed with programming.

Jordan Calloway reveals more about Painkiller during our BLACK LIGHTNING set...

Come learn more about what makes this villain tick!

STRANGER THINGS’ Billy Hargrove is most definitely a queer coded character

This is especially blatant in his interactions with Steve Harrington.

AnimeNYC ’19: Walkin’ through a manga wonderland

Everything manga fans can look forward to this weekend at the Javits.

The Marvel Rundown: Saying goodbye to THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL

Plus, reviews of new Marvel releases including FALLEN ANGELS #1, X-MEN #2, and more!

Interview: Jean Smart discusses the return of Silk Spectre in HBO’s...

Speaking with The Beat, Jean Smart discusses inhabitating the role of Laurie Blake, the present day take on Silk Spectre. What did we learn? Come find out!

Interview: Talking CHRONIN with creator Alison Wilgus

CHRONIN has been more than a decade in the making.

The Marvel Rundown: The NEW MUTANTS explore a new frontier for...

Plus, rapid reviews of Spider-Man & Venom: Double Trouble, Yondu, and more!

INTERVIEW: Ann Nocenti talks research, red dirt & RUBY FALLS

Plus, Nocenti reflects on her iconic DAREDEVIL run.

INTERVIEW: Michelle Wong admits that illustrating LEGEND OF KORRA comics was...

She also warns that there's angst on the way in RUINS OF THE EMPIRE.