Aspen Comics is celebrating their 15 year anniversary throughout 2018. Since January, the publisher has brought back titles such as Shrugged and announced new volumes of current books such as Executive Assistant Iris as part of it, but Tuesday the New York Times had the exclusive on what may be their biggest news of the year.

LtoR: Scooter Braun, David Maisel, Scott Manson. Photo: NYT

Music mogul Scooter Braun, founding chairman of Marvel Studios David Maisel, and SB projects COO Scott Manson are forming a new film company called Mythos Studios. This new studio has a resume of success respectively with such names as Kanye West, Justin Beiber, and all of the early MCU films. Mythos direction is what should come as news to Aspen Comics fans as the group not only committed to bringing back the Fathom movie to production and a Soulfire film but have also acquired a 50% ownership stake in the publisher.

So what made this new company take on a character not as well known as Superman or Batman? Aspen’s flagship character was one of the first properties on the powerhouse trio’s list when forming. David Maisel is a big fan of Aspen founder Michael Turner’s artwork and had met the studio a few years back. As most things in entertainment, it’s about doing things at the right moment in time. Maisel’s partnering with Braun needs a project that hasn’t been tapped and Fathom is a project everyone involved is very passionate about.  The bubble of superhero projects in entertainment also doesn’t scare Maisel as when Marvel was set to produce films on their leftover characters, only comic book fans knew who Iron Man was. Now characters such as Iron Man, Captain America, and Groot are household names. The team’s philosophy is telling a great story gets people to care about characters regardless of their popularity.

In addition to adapting characters to film created by the late Michael Turner, Mythos is also looking to the public domain for other IP to bring to film. It’s an interesting proposition to have the executive who convinced Marvel to take a chance in film spearheading one of comics most underrated characters.

While Aspen Comics has new 50% ownership coming out of this deal, no changes have been announced or expected in the near future. The publisher is currently focused on delivering the remaining titles centered around their anniversary which include Fathom by Ron Marz and Siya Oum, and EA Iris by Blake Norcott.

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