Marvel’s mobile fighting game, Contest of Champions is getting a new combatant. The X-Men nemesis Omega Red joins the fight as a playable character starting today.

It was during the peak of the Cold War that saw the Soviets transform Arkady Rossovich into the super-soldier Omega Red. Wielding nearly indestructible tentacles and a Death Factor capable of killing by mere proximity, Omega Red was terrifyingly beyond their control. His creators sealed him away in cryogenic stasis where he remained until present day, when he was awoken by criminal organization The Hand to do battle with Wolverine and the X-Men.

Omega Red joins the uncanny likes of Colossus, Wolverine, Phoenix, Gambit, and more X-Men characters in the game. His move set includes most of the powers we’ve seen him use in the comics; unleashing death spores and tossing around people like bags of dog kibble with his carbonadium tentacles.

Marvel’s Contest of Champions is free to download on iOS and Google Play stores now.