CivilchoreYou can’t say those cats at Archie aren’t with-it. They have seen the way this thing is going, and they know they need a universe spanning saga that will make all their fans buy every book in the line:

From the pages of Marvel Comic’s Civil War to DC’s World War III, the comics community has been facing strife and conflict, turning brothers against each other, and friends against friends. The fever pitch of war has hit Riverdale High as Archie and Jughead turn against each other in “CIVIL CHORE!” Archie Comics takes its look at the divisions that shake the foundation for the comics community and we ask our loyal readers…


The rest of the press release rather clumsily recounts THE ENTIRE FRIGGIN’ PLOT OF THE COMIC, so we’ll just say that Archie’s request for a raise in his allowance leads to a division that threatens to tear Riverdale apart forever!!! Jughead, Betty and even Veronica all get involved and chaos ensues!

Okay, now do you see that is how it is done?


  1. No. I do not. For I have just gone hysterically blind. It is truly hysterical.

    Is it me, or is that waffle on Archie’s head growing? Is this part of Aunt Jemima’s plot which began with Prince’s head-shammy at the Superbowl?