Archie! You SH*T!!!

Since the world first found out Archie was getting married, fans everywhere hoped Betty would be the bride. But those fans discovered quickly Archie Andrews chose Veronica Lodge over Betty Cooper and they were angry! They felt Archie had made the wrong choice, and they are very vocal about it! On television, in the newspapers, and on blogs all over the internet, fans loudly rejected Archie’s choice.

Despite the tide of public opinion, Archie proposed to Veronica in ARCHIE #600 and she accepted! Fans hoped that something would ruin the wedding plans and Archie would end up with Betty. In ARCHIE #601, not only did Archie and Veronica get married, but Archie joined Lodge Enterprises! Despite all of that, fans everywhere still agreed – Archie made the wrong choice. They didn’t care that Archie and Veronica are happily married, that he has a good job and that they have twins. It didn’t matter what Archie wants, the fans want Archie to choose Betty!
Now Archie Comics will listen to the cry of fans around the world and in ARCHIE #603, Archie Andrews will propose to Betty Cooper!

What about Veronica?  Will Archie and Veronica divorce? What about the twins? What about Lodge Enterprises? Will Archie lose his job? What will Mr. & Mrs. Andrews think? What will Mr. & Mrs. Lodge think? What will Mr. & Mrs. Cooper think? What will Jughead think???

Most importantly, what will fans think when Betty finally gets Archie?

The answers to all those questions and more are in ARCHIE #603 – #605 as the “Archie Gets Married” storyline continues. Remember; be careful what you ask for. You just might get it!


  1. I wonder how much of a background the “Archie & Veronica” storyline gave Archie, the dad. Having him go straight from high school to parenthood and a job with Lodge Enterprises isn’t believable even in the context of the ARCHIEverse, unless he works in the mail room.

    Looking at the eternal triangle, I doubt that either Betty or Veronica actually loves Archie. Each girl just wants to keep her rival from capturing him.


  2. I just feel sorry for the girls. Archie is the classic two-timer, always offering excuses and reasons, using all of his charm to woo the girls, playing off his frequent gotchas as harmless misunderstandings, whispering sweetly into their ear and playing the perfect boyfriend, so attentive and romantic. What it really boils down to is Archie is afraid to be alone, but unwilling to commit. He’s dragged these relationships along well past the point of decency.

    He’s a bastard.

  3. I just wish Hermione Lodge would join Female Force.

    Wha–?! Mrs. Lodge has a first name?

    I didn’t know Mr. Lodge’s first name was “Hiram,” either.


  4. Dilton Doily, invent something to make it all go away!

    Actually, I’m waiting for Archie Inc TM to do a zombies-invade-Riverdale storyline next to keep the event carousel going. Zombie Jughead can’t stop eating brains, Reggie screws the survivors over, undead Miss Grundy and The Bee, Veronica and Betty each trying to get the other killed so they can have that numb-nuts Archie, etc etc.

    Does anyone actually like Archie, the character?

  5. The Death of Archie: Reggie laces Jughead’s malt with a psychotromic cocktail. The resulting sugar-infused hallucination causes Jughead to wig out, as he tells the gang what he truthfully thinks of each of them. As Betty, Veronica, and Archie try to calm him down, Jughead finally understands everything, and realizes that his subconscious desire for the Riverdale Redhead was what drove his voracious appetite. Seeing Archie’s reaction, Jughead realizes that he will never find true happiness and rips out Archie’s jugular with his teeth before Moose can restrain Jughead.

    Unrepentant, Jughead then refuses to eat, dying in custody before the case can come to trial. Upon graduation, everyone moves away from Riverdale, although the scandal never dies. Betty becomes a child therapist, Reggie drinks himself to death over the secret guilt, Veronica matures, earns her MBA, and takes over Lodge Industries, devoting her life to the company without ever marrying.

    This, of course, is an “imaginary story”, part of a multi-part series in which Sabrina the Teen Age Witch shows each character a possible future which may or may not come to pass. The above is Reggie’s Tale.

  6. I’m not sure Archie really has any character-He’s girl crazy, a bit clumsy, gets into predicaments and…what else? Most, if not all the main inhabitants of Riverdale are archetypes (or even stereotypes). Archie is the “everyman” one. The love triangle is probably his only interesting attribute.
    That being said-Jughead’s my favorite.
    And-I wish Archie Comics would do a collection of Samm Schwartz. Next to Dan DeCarlo-he was their best artist IMHO.

  7. That is a terrible cover. Perspective all over the place, it looks like Archie and Reggie’s faces are being sucked into their skulls and only Betty gets irises in her eyes. Plus what are they drinking? No milkshake is that colour. Is Pops serving the kids wine in milkshake glasses?

  8. It’s obviously (obviously!) a Purple Cow.

    Frozen Grape Juice Concentrate, milk/cream, and ice cream. In a pinch you could use grape kool-aid.

    That “terrible” cover is quite indicative of the interior art. Parts 1 & 2 of this super-saga have both had art just like this.

  9. I’m suddenly remembering that joke in the SIMPSONS comic involving Comic Book Guy: “ARCHIE DISASSEMBLED?? Oh, Brian Michael Bendis, you mad genius– you’ve done it again!”

  10. John Romita’s 79 and he’s still fantastic. It’s not an age thing, it’s an editor and publisher caring enough to fix an off model cover.

    If you’re going to do a huge press blitz for your book take a little more care. Betty deserves it, she’s put up with so much.

  11. It must have been better if Archie chose Betty to marry from the start.. Veronica is for Reggie because they are similar for the most part and Betty is for Archie..I’m sure Arch and Bets will make the best couple ever.. Go Bets we love you still


  13. yes i do think that betty is a good girl but veronica loves him too its just that veronica is a spoilt brat but it doesn’t mean that she is bad inside,veronica deserves archie moreover he already married veronica so they shouldn’t divorce just like that.veronica will change,she’ll get better.

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